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5 Tips to Earn More from a Vacation Rental

Accept credit cards

Many renters want the convenience of paying for a rental with their credit card. By accepting credit cards owners open their rental a wider audience. Credit cards often come with the added expense of transaction fees. However, owners can charge a convenience fee for credit card use to help offset the expense.

Charge for linens

If owners charge for linens it can often be a way to increase revenue. A cleaning service must be found that will offer linen service in addition to normal cleaning duties.

Collect Taxes

Collect local taxes. Many guests expect to pay taxes. Most rental transactions are the same taxes a hotel will often pay.” The rate is usually variable and averages around 6 – 12 percent.

Advertise your property

One of the most important and effective way to increase revenue is to use cost effective advertising. Owners should look for local listing services in their area to advertise. Many of the local listing services are much less expensive than large national listing services. Local listing sites can be much more effective and offer better exposure.

Offer extras to your guests

Guests compare rentals. They look for what differentiates one rental from another. Offer better amenities like more cable channels, free Wi-Fi, beach tags and more. The more amenities you can offer the better. It’s the little thigs that keep renters returning year after year to the same property.




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