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About Us

Hey there! Welcome to Cape May Vacation Rentals, your local spot for vacation rentals. Our website is super easy to use, helping you find your dream rental hassle-free. We're always behind the scenes, constantly working on our website and boosting our search rankings to make your experience even better. Whether you're planning your getaway or listing your property, Cape May Vacation Rentals has got you covered!

Our Story

At Cape May Vacation Rentals — we're local owners just like you. After enduring exorbitant fees from national listing sites to rent out our own property, we decided enough was enough. Fueled by frustration and armed with 25 years of web experience, we set out to create a platform that connects owners and renters directly, cutting out the unnecessary costs. We're passionate about making the vacation rental experience fair, transparent, and, most importantly, cost-effective for everyone involved.
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Why do owners choose Cape May Vacation Rentals?

Zero Booking Fees, Zero Taxes: Owners pay absolutely no booking fees or taxes, allowing you to maximize your rental income.

User-Friendly Admin Tools: Our intuitive admin tools empower you to effortlessly create a feature-rich listing. Include high-quality photos, glowing reviews, interactive maps, and up-to-date availability calendars to make your property stand out.

Professional Marketing Strategies: Benefit from expert marketing strategies, such as Search Engine Optimization on Google and other major search engines. We also run targeted social media ad campaigns and provide lawn signs to enhance the visibility of your rental property.

Direct Communication with Guests: Forge meaningful connections with guests through direct communication. This personalized approach fosters positive relationships, leading to satisfied guests who are likely to return.

Integrated Reviews and Synched Calendars: Save time and enhance guest trust with integrated reviews and synchronized availability calendars. Guests can make informed decisions based on real feedback and up-to-date calendar information.

Simplified Low Subscription Fees: Joining our platform is hassle-free with simplified, low subscription fees. Enjoy the benefits of our comprehensive services without breaking the bank.

Why do renters choose Cape May Vacation Rentals?

An increasing number of renters are opting to search locally, steering clear of exorbitant fees and taxes associated with national listing sites. This strategic decision not only translates to substantial savings for renters but also brings about cost-effective benefits for property listers. Our platform is thoughtfully designed to cater specifically to renters in search of the perfect Cape May rental, ensuring significant savings for both renters and listers alike.

Choose Cape May Vacation Rentals for a budget-friendly and rewarding getaway that puts savings back in the pockets of both renters and property owners.

Additionally, our platform is expertly crafted to accommodate renters in search of the ideal Cape May rental, guaranteeing substantial savings for both renters and listers. Embrace Cape May Vacation Rentals for an affordable and fulfilling vacation experience, where savings extend to both renters and property owners.