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December 1, 2019

Train Tracks of Cape May Sunset Beach

In 2014 a major storm hit Southern New Jersey. Many beaches saw massive erosion. In Cape May two pairs of train tracks dating back to the early 1900s appeared on Sunset Beach.

To view the tracks it is best to wait until low tide. The tracks will only appear during a low tide.

Train tracks constructed more than 100 years ago have reappeared in the sands along the Delaware Bay near Sunset Beach.

The track’s rusted rails and deteriorated wooden ties look like the remnants of a long-lost civilization. And in a way they are, hinting at the industrial past of this now-marshy section of the township.

The two pairs of tracks on Sunset Beach are located about half a mile north of the main beach area, and during low tide, they provide visitors with the ultimate century-old scavenger hunt.

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