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Tips to Winterize your Cape May Home

Every year we hear the horrible news about another home in Cape May that had its pipes freeze and break. The damage is usually very bad when a pipe bursts.

Here a few tips to prevent your pipes from freezing.

Leave your heat on. Do not turn your heat off. Set your heat to a temperature that you feel will protect your home from freezing.

Install wi-fi enabled thermostats to allow you to adjust your heat according to the weather. You will save money and gain peace of mind knowing your heat is set to a proper temperature.

Have your property inspected during the off-season. If you use a maintenance company have them inspect your home during the cold months.

Leave your faucets dripping. During especially cold snaps many folks recommend leaving your faucets drip slightly. This prevents the water from freezing.

Leave the cabinet doors open on your vanities and kitchen sink cabinets. This allows warm room air to warm your pipes under the cabinets.

Make sure all windows and storm windows are shut and locked

Use heat tape on pipes in your crawl space areas where your pipes are more susceptible to freezing.

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