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June 27, 2017

The Importance of Owning a Vacation Rental Website

As an owner of a vacation rental your mission is to find quality rentals for your rental. Many owners are now faced with the task of marketing their rental without the assistance of Homeaway, VRBO and Flipkey. Owners do not want their guests to pay service fees for booking their vacation rental. Owners want to openly communicate with potential guests prior to booking. Homeaway, VRBO and Flipkey charge service fees and block communications between owners and renters.

So what can a Vacation Rental owner do? Build your own Vacation Rental Website.

Sounds difficult right? Nope. There are plenty of services that offer pre-built websites that owners can customize with photos, logos, descriptions, rates and more. Owners need to have a fully bookable website. What does this mean? A fully bookable website allows renters to reserve your rental on your site. Renters can browse your availability calendar choose open dates and book. Payment can be made by check or credit card.

One popular service is Vacation Rental Desk offers powerful tools to help build your vacation rental website. Owners can use Vacation Rental Desks site builder to easily create a fully bookable site in minutes. The admin area allows owners to customize rates, email templates and much more. An example of a wonderful Cape May rental website is

Building your own vacation rental website is the first step to independence. Owners will find they no longer need big listing sites that charge service fees and block communications.