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June 26, 2017

The importance of listing your Vacation Rental on Local Websites

Do you have a vacation rental website for your rental? Are guests using your website to book? If the answer is yes to both questions you need to understand the importance of Search Engine Optimization.

For your website to be seen on Google you will need to do certain things. The quickest and easiest solution to improve your vacation rentals placement on Google is to list on local vacation rental listing sites. Google looks at a websites relevancy when deciding placement. If your rental is important in Googles eyes your vacation rental will place well. Local listing sites are established vacation rental related websites in your area. By listing on these sites you effectively create a back link to your website on another vacation related website. You are then “showing” Google that your business is important in the area and should be seen by searchers. The more relevant back links you have the better you will place on Google. Too often owners think that large national sites are the only solution. They are not. In fact they give you zero relevance in your local market. They do not help your search placement. Only local listing sites will impact your search placement.