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June 5, 2019

Say No To Service Fees

Airbnb is now going to eliminate guest fees for property managers and hotels beginning June 4. What does this mean for the vacation rental market?

The big vacation rental listing services are now moving away from the service fee model where guests are charged a fee to book. The new tactic will be a service fee where the owner of the rental property will pay a percentage fee per rental transaction. This new model will drive more guest business to the sites but may very well backfire with owners. Owners will be less likely to list a rental knowing they now have to pay a percentage of each rental for the “privilege” of listing on a big vacation rental listing service.

What can owners do? Find local vacation rental listing sites that do not charge any service fees at all. and do not charge service fees.

Simply browse our listings and contact the owner directly. Bypass the fees for the same property and save money.