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January 14, 2019

Pet Friendly Rentals in Cape May

Travelers love to take their pets on vacation. Sometimes out of necessity and other times just love having the dog along. Cape May is a dog town. Walk down any street and your bound to see someone chatting with a dog owner walking their dog. We happen to have a breed that is not well known, a shipperkke or skipper-key as many folks call him. Funny thing about Cape May most people know what breed our dog is. That is why I find Cape May to be a dog town.

One of the great things about our town is that many rentals are now pet friendly. Owners of rentals realize that they can fill their calendars when offering pet friendly rentals. Many rentals have restrictions on pets including size and sometimes even breed. Check with the owner on any restrictions that may be in place.

All dogs need a little exercise and some rentals have fenced in yards. Also there is a great dog park located on Lafayette Street up the road a bit from the Acme.

Cape May has some great places to walk your dog. During the off season dogs are allowed on the beach and promenade. Dogs are allowed on Higbee Beach year round. Cape May requires that your dog must be leashed at all times.

So bring the pet to Cape May and maybe I will see you walking the streets. It’s always great to meet new friends while out walking the dog.

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