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February 13, 2019

From, Your vacation to the Jersey Shore is about to get more expensive. Blame it on taxes.

Heather Adams and her family live in a suburb of Pittsburgh, a five-hour drive from the Jersey Shore. But they’ve been renting the same house in Wildwood one week every summer for the past decade. Until this year.

Adams said the family won’t have their regular place a block from the beach on East Pine Street come July, and they might even skip the Jersey Shore altogether, thanks to a decision by the state to apply taxes and fees totaling 11.625 percent to certain rental properties for the first time this summer season. 

Combine the newly applied tax and fee of $400 for the Adams’ usual rental, with a $400 rent increase the owner was charging, and the resulting $4,300 total cost of the house this summer was simply too high for the Adams family’s budget.

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