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Cape May Rentals

If you are planning on a vacation in Cape May there is a great alternative to staying at hotels and motels. Many travelers looking to vacation in Cape May now find a vacation rental better suited to their needs. So what are the advantages to staying at a vacation rental compared to a motel or hotel?

Your own place

Vacation rentals offer guests the privacy of their own home, cottage or condo to enjoy. Vacation rentals offer much more than a hotel. Instead of a bed , dresser and TV a vacation rental has all of the amenities of a typical home like kitchens, decks, large TVs, multiple bathrooms and more. Cape May rentals are wonderful for large groups, multiple families, couples with one or two children. Most rentals require a minimum three-night stay and in peak season, it can be as long as seven.

Save money

Cape May rentals offer a distinct advantage over hotels. Rentals have kitchens. Many families find it much more affordable to be able to cook a few meals at the rental then eat at restaurants. The savings can then be sued for activities in the area. Also many families will share the cost of the rental. Many large homes have 5 or more bedrooms that can be shared among families.

Save on taxes

Vacation rentals listed with are not taxable. The individual owner of the rental collects the payment. This can offer guests a significant savings over hotels that are taxed at upwards of 12%.

Pet Friendly

Many Cape May rentals are pet friendly. Few hotels are. Many guests love to travel with their pets. Some Cape May Rentals have large fenced in yards to accommodate dogs. offers many Cape May pet freindly rentals.

So if your looking for more bang for your buck a vacation rental may be the way to go. Save on taxes, rent and bring your pet. Cape May rentals are a fantastic option to traditional hosts like hotels and motels.

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