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April 30, 2024

7 Tips for Cape May Vacation Rental Owners

These 7 points are a sample of the most common mistakes Owners make.  As an owner of a rental in Cape May it is important to stay on top of the rental market and know how best to protect and market your rental.

1. Screening
Screen all renters. Take the time to speak with the renter. Ask for references if needed.

2. Listing with too many sites
List with local sites like that offer a free trial. All search is local. Renters are searching local when looking for a rental. A typical example of a local rental search would be Wildwood rentals. The results of the search would show all listing sites including realtors in Wildwood.

3. Thinking Craig’s List will bring quality clients
Craiglist is notorious for fraud when it comes to listing your rental. Scammers post your information and steal from unsuspecting renters.

4. NO  rental agreement needed
Never rent without an RA. It is foolish to let anyone rent your property without protecting your valuable asset with ac contract. Always be very clear with your cancellation policy.

5. Pricing wrong.
Do research on what other similar properties in your area rent for. Do not overprice. Renters are money savvy and shop around. You have one chance to impress them or they move on to the next listing. Set your pricing on easy to use interface.

6. Taking the first booking that comes along
Slow down and screen before accepting a reservation due to an opening you may have. Cape allow owners and renters to openly communicate. Other sites block communications. We believe the most important part of renting is proper communication

7. Ignoring gut feelings
Never ignore your gut feelings. If it looks bad it probably is. Move on to the next inquiry. Ask questions.