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Tips for Cape May Pet Friendly Rental Owners and Guests

Cape May is a pet friendly town. Take a walk around town and you will see many pet owners walking their dogs. One of the joys of a walking a dog is meeting new friends along the way.

Things to consider when renting to guests with pets.

  1. How Many Pets?— What is the limit on the number of pets you will allow in your property.
  2. Type of Pets allowed– Dogs, Cats, Birds?
  3. Size Restrictions — Many owners set a size restriction on pets. Often condo associations that do allow pets will set a weight restriction of up to 30 to 40 pounds. Check with your insurance to see if your policy will allow pet rentals and determine restrictions that the policy may have.
  4. Housebroken — Do you rent to puppies who may not be house broken?
  5. Furniture — Owners should ask guest to bring a pet bed if possible. This will hopefully keep pets off of your furniture.
  6. Pet Cleanup — Owners must have rules regarding cleanup and disposal of pet waste.
  7. Leash Policy — Always require a leash. Pets should not be unleashed outside of your property.

Things to consider when choosing a pet friendly rental in Cape May.

  1. Fenced Yard
    Does the property have a fenced in yard.
  2. Near Dog Parks – Is the rental near a dog park.
  3. Extra Fees – Are there any extra fees for bringing pet
  4. Beach Access – What beaches are pet friendly

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